Welcome to the Employee Discount Program!

Spring ISD business and community partners offer special benefits/discounts to the district’s nearly 5,000 employees. 


Categories of benefits that may be offered to Spring ISD employees from the district’s business and community partners include:  automobiles, banking, car wash services, CPA / tax prep, licensed child care, computer/technology, department / retail / wholesale Store, entertainment, fitness centers, hair salons, health products, hotel/travel, housing, in-home services, insurance, investments, lawn care / landscaping, phones, restaurants and student activities. 


A Spring ISD employee identification badge may be required as proof of employment with the district in order to take advantage of the benefits.  Some business and community partners may also extend benefits to friends and family of Spring ISD employees.  Spring ISD does not endorse, promote or guarantee any of the products or services provided.  Partners may apply to offer discounts to Spring ISD employees by providing brief descriptions of the benefit/discount to be published on the district’s intranet and are invited to submit discount offer requests by completing the form accessed by clicking on the link to the Partner Discount Offer Form below.  Periodic reminders and listings of discounts will be sent by employee e-mail. 


Please direct all questions to Natalie Allen, Family and Community Engagement Department by e-mail at nallen1@springisd.org or by telephone at (281) 891-6013.


Business/Community Partner Discount Offer Form

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